Summative Assessment

Summative assessment:  bringing all the pieces together to build a whole!  (Khalsa, 2012)

This week I experienced this in a very authentic manner:  creating a website that required me to draw on all of my course experiences and learning in addition to creating something useful and relevant to my teaching.  So, in the midst of all my reflecting, refining and processing, I was learning how to create a webpage.

As I reflect on the process of creating my project, I gain a renewed appreciation for project based learning, but I’ll hold fast to my belief that project based learning must be used judiciously and at an appropriate level.  It is not a K-12 panacea, but could be added to a  teachers’ repertoire to guarantee that students actually reach the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

One staggering realization from this experience that will guide my teaching is the number of revisions I made to my “pieces” as I produced the “whole”.  This provision will be important to students, too, as they produce culminating projects of this magnitude.  Encouraging revisions helps students to understand that their knowledge is continually growing, setting the stage for helping students realize the power of lifelong learning.


Khalsa, D.K.  (2012, July 14).  Pieces build the whole [Msg Bloom’s Taxonomy].  Message posted to

Sandler, S.  (2012).  Assessment in E-Learning:  Culminating Project.  Available at


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