Perfect e-Storm

How exciting to be at the confluence of rapidly advancing technologies, increased learner demand, a move toward learner-centered pedagogy, and severe budget cuts and/or restraints!  Dr. Curtis J. Bonk describes this as the perfect e-storm for the education community.  We are on the cusp of a shift in the teaching and learning paradigm — for all learners everywhere!  What makes this doubly exciting is that anyone, anywhere can collaborate and contribute in a meaningful way to this movement.

Daphne Koller

Photo by James Duncan Davidson

At last week’s TEDGlobal 2012, Daphne Koller touched on many of these same topics, but from the perspective of educational equality, as per Ben Lillie’s Guestblog.   She pointed out that with massive online education “amazing talent could be found anywhere” (Koller, 2012).

So how can I, as an online instructor, be sure that I am fostering higher level thinking skills and learning for learning?

This week I took two baby steps in designing an online instructional module:  writing concise learning objectives and creating a concept map for student learning.  I found both tasks challenging.  While the learning objectives are still a work in progress, the concept map pushed my innate linear mathematician thinking in new directions.  Here is my attempt at a concept map for teaching conic sections in an online environment… again, a work in progress…

Conic Sections Comcept Map


2 responses to “Perfect e-Storm

  1. Sallie, I like the look of your mind map. It has an elegance to it. I haven’t been able to get it large enough to read it, but I certainly like the look. Mine is rather clunky in comparison.

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